A letter to my high school self

Stop looking for a connection that just isn’t there.

Wash your face, drink more water, and moisturize more often, you’ll feel amazing.

Love yourself more. 

Stop trying to earn his approval, he’s a drunk right now. Not your dad.

Hug mom, she’s strong but everything is weighing her down right now.

Tell her the truth, she’s your sister and she loves you. She deserves to know.

Don’t open the door when he knocks in the middle of the night. Nothing good ever happens. 

Breakup with him in person, not text. He deserves better than that.

Don’t send those pictures, he doesn’t deserve to see that side of you. But if you do send them, thank Maria for stopping you from spiraling. 

Just study more, run often, and don’t seclude yourself. Open up, you have great friends who want to help. Your teachers are there for you too, you have amazing people in your life that outweigh the bad ones, love them fiercely and let them know.

You’ll miss them all when you leave six hours away so tell them how impactful they have been and keep in touch.

Keep love in your life, don’t wait too long. 

I love you.

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