Mother, so loving, so courageous.

Why do you let him treat you that way? Forcing you to stay by his side at all times as if someone were going to steal you away and treat you better.

Carrying you around as if you were another one of his keychains weighing him down to this family.

You. The same woman who I saw confront drunk racists banging on our garage in the middle of the night when he was away and we were all young and afraid.

You. The same woman who would wake up at 5 AM just to make breakfast for your daughter who annoyingly signed up for 0 period.

Mother. You’re so brave & so giving. Yet he takes and takes as does she while the other just stops by when it’s convenient for her. You’ve sacrificed so much, I can see it in your eyes, feel it in the calluses of your hands, and hear it in your voice when you tell me “cuídate y no dejes que te digan nada.”

I love you, ma but you deserve so much better than this family.

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