Bookstore Love Letter

Recently I noticed being in a bookstore provides some form of peace that is hard to come by. There’s something comforting and magical about being in a place surrounded by worlds beyond my dull imagination. It’s encouraging being in a bookstore. It encourages exploration of the unknown, reflection and remembrance of those before us, and whispers lovingly for you to pursue your dreams of creativity.

Bookstores are rare gems but when you find one, it always feels like coming home even if it’s a new store you’ve never been to before.

Books don’t judge, they don’t ask where you’ve been and where you’re going. They simply listen to you whisper your hopes for escape. They gently take you by the hand and lead you away from your sorrows and nightmares. You cradle books as you would cradle a young child or small animal and care for books with the same loving feel you have when you care for a loved one who has fallen temporarily sick with a fever. For that is the only way you know how to show gratitude and appreciation for a place and an object that are both so much more than simply a place and an object. For books and bookstores alike have been there for you when others have not. Their doors and pages always welcome you with open arms ready to wipe away any fears and tears you may bring with you. Being a citizen of a world so cold, bookstores provide you with a cave of wonder and warmth. Take advantage while you can for bookstores are rare and fleeting. 


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